Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stamp Matching

Happy Tuesday!!  Over the past few weeks, I've finally got an actual tot school going for Munchkin.  I have a 3 shelf bookcase stocked with 4 trays at a time and tons of supplies just waiting to make it into rotation.  The nice thing with the set up is that Munchkin's table & chair (and bookcase) are right beside my desk in our office.  He's able to work independently beside me, and I'm able to get some work done :)  And Munchkin L-O-V-E-S tot school.  It's the first thing he wants to do in the morning and frequently asks for more tot school in the evening.  Since Mail is our theme this week, I thought we'd have at least a few Mail themed activities in the Tot Trays this week.  Here's our Stamp Matching:

I just used sheets of foam from the Dollar Store and cut them into stamp sized rectangles with my pinking shears

Then Munchkin sorted out the colors into four small containers.  We're working on Munchkin's patience and focus (he likes to jump around from activity to activity just like his Mama) and I'm finding that sorting is a great activity for that - it's not so long that he becomes overly bored, but it's long enough that by the end the novelty has worn off

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