Monday, August 8, 2011

Calendar Board

As I was seriously researching some 'best practices' for our at-home-supplemental-schooling I started reading Counting Coconuts.  Mari-Ann is a brilliant home schooling mama and I love her style.  After seeing her classroom calendar, I ran right out an made a near-replica.  I love how everything is contained in one space and it really focuses Munckin for 'calendar time'.

The corkboard itself is from IKEA and I pretty much copied Mari-Ann's fantastic board.  Both Munchkin & I absolutely love it.

Aaaand We're Back

Wow, it's been forever since I posted here.  Things got busy and while I was taking pictures of everything, I just wasn't following up with the posting...and then we took a little break from themes.  A theme a week was too much and we found it impossible to get through everything.  So now we're back to themes but at a more laid back pace.  I have the themes scheduled out in two-week slots for the rest of the year.

Although the pace is more laid back, the actual activities have become much more structured.  During the past 7 months we've transitioned into an eclectic Montessori/Workbox hybrid style with at least 8 boxes for Munchkin to work on each day.  In addition to those, there are also puzzles, playdough and art supplies that Munchkin can work with after he's finished his 'workboxes'.

I should also mention that I'm not a full-time stay at home mama and Munchkin does attend Preschool.  The boxes are worked as a supplement to his regular Preschool.

I have never pushed this blog as it has been my intention to simply document some of the fun stuff that Munchkin and I were doing.  That is my continuing goal, although it may intertwine with the Sweet Little Smoothie blog a bit more as I mesh this into a single blogging location.