Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post Master Munchkin

Happy Thursday!!  One of our activites this week was setting up a Post Office.  Munchkin has been to the Post Office a few times and had a vague idea about what goes on there.  Our role play game included him 'stamping' the incoming mail and putting it into the mailbox, then collecting the mail from the mailbox and putting it into his mail bag (aka, my old laptop case), and finally delivering the mail based on the color of stamp.  I set up four 'mailboxes' around the house and he went from box to box sorting out the mail for that colored box.  He had an absolute blast with this game and has played it every day this week!

I used index cards for the 'letters' and adhered the foam stamps from our stamp matching to the corners with a glue stick

And here's Munchkin with all of the other Post Office stuff.  I gave him one of my big paper punches to use as the 'stamper' and just cut a slit in one of Dad's shoe boxes to stand in for the mailbox.  Those colored bins behind him are our mailboxes (they're also our tot trays, but tot school wasn't in session during this activity)

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